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Gifted and talented students

Gifted and talented students are entitled to rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities drawn from the Australian Curriculum and aligned with their individual learning needs, strengths, interests and goals. They vary in terms of the nature and level of their abilities; there is no single homogeneous group of gifted and talented students. Gifted and talented students:
    • vary in abilities and aptitudes
    • vary in their level of giftedness
    • vary in achievement - some gifted students experience difficulty translating their gifts into talents
    • are not always visible and easy to identify
    • come from diverse backgrounds and are found in all cultures, socio-economic levels and geographic locations.
Gifted and talented differentiation at PHPS involves weekly, targeted groups in Stage 2 and 3 with Mr Lenard, focusing on advanced comprehension, text construction and personal-interest. Students involved in these groups are recommended by the classroom teacher, who uses a variety of formal and informal identification markers to evidence their students' gifts and talents.