Padstow Heights Public School

Excellence, Care and Opportunity

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About our school

Padstow Heights Public School is committed to providing quality teaching and learning in an environment that fosters respectful and successful learners who are confident and creative individuals. The school has a clear vision for learning that is future focused and includes authentic group work, effective feedback and embracing our learning powers; bravery, curiosity, resilience, collaboration and reflection. Padstow Heights Public School has an established culture that embraces creative arts, robotics and coding, public speaking and excellence in teaching.

School vision

The school's vision is to provide an inclusive environment which fosters confident, independent students who set goals, accept challenges and take measured risks. The dedicated teaching and administration team, along with our parent and wider community, are committed to providing a caring environment where students are given every opportunity to be successful life-long learners.

Academic excellence

Padstow Heights Public School has a reputation for excellence in academic achievement and high standards in sport and performing and creative arts. Our highly skilled and committed staff are dedicated to ensuring excellent learning outcomes and access to the widest possible range of opportunities for all students. Our students are nurtured in a friendly and caring environment, which receives strong community support. As a school, we are committed to fostering a love of learning in all our students and equipping each individual with the skills for a life-long journey of discovery. This is achieved through well-planned learning programs and an environment in which each individual is challenged to meet their full potential. The combination of high expectations for each student and the continued introduction of new technologies across all subjects means that students' opportunities and interest have increased across the six key learning areas.