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Alternatively, check out the 'Events' tab on the homepage for upcoming events which will have permission notes included as attachments.

Note for year 4,5 and 6 parents regarding the study tour group from Beijing (PDF 69KB).

Note for Kindergarten parents regarding an expression of interest for swimming lessons (PDF 23KB).

For Kindergarten, and Year 1 and 2 parents, regarding their child's diaries (PDF 74KB).

Note for Year 5 and 6 bring your own device (BYOD) student agreement (DOC 189KB).

Parental information and advice

For those who would like to attend the ethics class (PDF 37KB) during scripture.

A note to explain the communication protocol and contact procedures (PDF 53KB).

A safety advisory note regarding driving around school (PDF 41KB).

If you are unsure of what the invoices are for Term 1, please see Invoices (PDF 85KB).