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Parents and citizens’ association

What we do?

Padstow Heights Public School Parents and Citizens’ association (P&C) meetings provide a forum for parents to learn about the activities at the school, raise concerns and have input into the decisions affecting their children.

Through parent volunteers, the Padstow Heights Public School P&C runs the uniform shop.

The P&C meets in the staffroom at 7pm on the first Wednesday of every month except during school holidays.

All parents and community members are welcome to attend.

The school community is notified of meetings in the school newsletter, the school Facebook page and on the school website. From time to time staff members or an invited guest will make a presentation to the meeting.

Our PHPS P&C agenda includes:

  • Opening, attendance and apologies

  • Minutes of previous meeting and business arising

  • President's report

  • Treasurer's report

  • Uniform shop report

  • Fundraising committee report

  • Band committee report

  • Assistant principal's report

  • Principal's report

  • General Business

If you have any items you wish to be discussed at a meeting, please notify us at least one week prior to the meeting, via email at

If you become a member you then have the right to vote! P&C decisions are made by all financial P&C members present at committee/subcommittee meetings.

If you'd like to find out more about how you can be involved with the school, or you have issues or concerns that you'd like to discuss with the P&C — please attend a meeting.

Examples of purchases or donations

These are some of the resources the school has received from the P&C over the last three years:

  • Updated wall panelling in the Library
  • A sandpit area and shade sails.
  • Air conditioning in the classrooms.
  • Electronic whiteboards in every classroom.
  • Books for children to take home for reading practice (home readers).
  • Contributions towards the expenses for School Spectacular.
  • Any child that represents at a state level, the P&C will pay for the registration fees.
  • Contribute to the Year 6 farewell.
  • Presentation day awards.
  • Covered walkways.

What is the Padstow Heights Public School P&C raising money for at the moment?

Our current focus is on improving the outdoor spaces of the school. Teachers are also invited to submit 'wish list' of items that would make their job easier and enhance the learning environment. As funds become available, we fund items off their wish list that have been approved as valuable.

Policy documents

Our parents and citizens’ association (P&C) executives are available for contact.

PHPS P&C executives for 2019


Janine Simons


Vice president

Mel Northcott


Phone: 0419 995 014.

Vice president

Leanne Iverach



Suzy Colbran



Catherine Farthouat


Fundraising coordinator

Bettina Vogel


Phone: 0400 744 051

Uniform shop coordinator

We are looking for a volunteer - can you help us?


Band coordinator


Other contact methods

We welcome all feedback and look forward to seeing you at a meeting or at the next school event.