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When you start at school there are many words or terms used that as a new member of the school community you might be unsure of.

The list below is a starting point to help you settle into school life.

We will add to this list over the next few months - if you find a term you don't understand or would be beneficial to add to the list, email

Terms and definitions:
  • COLA - covered outdoor learning area
  • PSSA - primary school sports association
  • Red day - schools are allowed two red days per term. This is when the canteen is allowed to sell treat items. The parents and citizens' association (P&C) usually hold cake day once a term, which is one red day. The canteen uses the other red day usually in conjunction with reward recess.
  • Reward recess - held during the last week of term for all children that receive a gold award.
  • RFF - relief from face to face teaching. A full-time primary teacher also receives 2 hours of relief from face to face teaching.

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